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TANTRA MASSAGE Sessions for Men



Tantra is a way of becoming aware: Through tantra sexuality meditation and ecstatic experiences your energy level is raised. Long tantra massage sessions are not about therapeutic intervention, but about lightness, sensuality and enjoyment of life. In personal training, massage and wellness combine with the elements of modern Neo Tantra. In doing so, you yourself decide the tempo, tools and time intervals of the training. Together, we initiate experience spaces in which you explore the different layers of your personality and connect them with your outer, real world. Profit from my network; Get to know other men interested in Tantra and enrich your life with deep, with feeling encounters and friendships.



Enjoy an erotic tantric massage on transcendental nature; refined with hotstones and gentle scents you near deeper into a blissful relaxation.
After loosening the muscles and a first state of euphoria, you experience a full back massage. Mutual, sensual touching accompany our journey continues up to one or even multiple sexual climaxes: Gladly do I integrate a genital or anal massage. Your sensations are much more intensively and by distributing the sexual energy through your whole body you feel like a new person afterwards.
Your tantric massage ends with a gentle facial massage and a recessed balancing your energy throughout the body.Even as a couple, you have the opportunity to enjoy a Tantra massage together.



Your journey to the inside begins with a meditative attunement. Close your eyes, breathe more slowly and trust my voice. Slowly we leave everyday life behind us and dive deep into the world of the senses and imagination. The Ritual of Happy Buddah bathes you in a remote eastern temple. In the Ritual of Hammam you will experience devotion and passion in the oriental bathhouse. A variety of treasures unfold their sense-beguiling effect.



By contacting members of the tantra I would like to add a special essence of your tantra massage. This four trips activate the flow of energy and extends the consciousness. Relaxed and alert to equal, unfolds each session for itself as a particular facet of your personality.Intensify your perception in the ritual of opening the senses. Deepen your ecstatic experiences in a body-electric session. Experienced healing in a meditative self-love ritual. Enjoy sexual liberation in the dark-eros session.



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tantra  course

30.4. 19:00 – 22:30 (Workshop tantric Rituals)

The courses I have designed are coordinated individually and thematically. And it works so easily: The number of participants is limited to 2-4 people. Your course always takes place on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or on a public holiday. Just tell me in time, when and on which topic and in close consultation with you, I put the course to your ideas together. Or just choose from the current offers:




temple of the senses

On 9.5.2020 we welcome you to the Temple of the Senses in the AHA Berlin. Encourage your senses with intense vision, hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting. Experience sparkling eroticism in our stage show. Let our temple attendants take you by the hand and carry you off into the magical TEMPLE OF SENSES. This project offers you as a temple servant the natural use of the tantric tools to deepen and integrate into your life. At the same time, through your participation, you contribute to the fact that tantra and sensuality can become part of the scene. We look forward to seeing you and your ideas: Sign up now on 30.4. to the workshop at the Diamond Lotus Tantra Institute and become a temple servant.