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Your first step to an ecstatic sense of life

Deep breathing, the opening of the senses or a creative trance can be a key for relaxation and purposelessness before a Tantra Massage starts. The task now is to activate and to bring the energy in your chakras to flow. Enjoys the specific exchange of relaxation and ecstasy. With these and other methods that open and cleanse the energy flows in your body, the level of your energy is lifted and create an absorption that is independent of the ideas and expectations of your mind. In further possible encounters you develop over time an ecstatic sense of life and an deep inner satisfaction.

Tantra massage for beginners for 80 EURO

Please bring enough time and openness to new ideas.

To get to know I give you this offer

Enjoy an erotic tantra massage on transcendental nature; refined with hotstones and gentle scents you near deeper into a blissful relaxation. I am happy to welcome you with tantric ritual in my salvaged, warm ambience. Through a preliminary flow your desires and inclinations into the session. A sensory and shower ritual opens up gently for a new experience.

After loosening the muscles and a first state of euphoria, you experience a full back massage. Mutual, sensual touching accompany our journey continues up to one or even multiple sexual climaxes: Gladly do I integrate a genital or anal massage. Your sensations are much more intensively and by distributing the sexual energy through your whole body you feel like a new person afterwards.

The massage ends with a gentle facial massage and a recessed balancing your energy throughout the body.

I have raised hygiene standards (including the provision of disinfectants). In addition, facial touches are temporarily avoided as a precaution. Before each session, there is a common cleaning – this can also be integrated into a shower and sensual ritual. Tantra offers many options for being careful and enjoyable with each other. If you have cold symptoms, please only book a massage session after recovery.

Prices Tantra massage for beginners

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