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It’s so easy to book a tantra session or training online

1. Get in touch with me and  if necessary, I will email you a questionnaire and based on your answers, an individual session or training will be created.
2. We coordinate the session beforehand via Skype and you try out the technique.
3. Only when everything is prepared to your complete satisfaction: You transfer the agreed price (30 min. 50 €) to me via Paypal and our session per chat and video can begin.

What are the advantages of tantra traning or a session via Skype ?

Skype cannot replace a real tantra massage session – but it offers you the advantage that, like a personal appointment on site, we are visually and auditorily connected. All emotions and other emotional moments can flow directly into the exchange.The process is almost identical to a real encounter, but requires far less effort for you and is also a lot cheaper. This is how tailor-made tantra sessions are created for you, individually tailored to your current life situation and integrated into your everyday life. You are welcome to get to know me and my offers via Skype without obligation and try them out.

When does it make sense to arrange a session with me via Skype?

  • As a supplement to tantra training on site or in nature
  • If there is a need for clarification around the topic of partnership and sexuality
  • In preparation for a real tantra session and to reduce fear of thresholds
  • To live, liberate and share sexual energies, sensuality and lust virtually free
  • To get in touch with the magic of tantra for the first time or to deepen personal processes
  • To learn and give away a special tantra ritual: surprise your lover or partner and give your love life more depth and intensity.
  • Enjoy anonymity and the opportunity to live sexual practices and fantasies directly. Your advantage: Short lessons, concrete instructions in everyday life and repeatability of the content.

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