Why Tantra-Trips efficient as intensely

The meditation techniques developed in tantra are intended to enable man to use sexual energy for an internal transformation process. Based on this philosphy, the TANTRA TRIPS affirm all areas of your life, and all the structures that are bound up are blown up, so that you can experience as an individual an univeral unity experience within yourself.

The individual journeys are so designed by me that they build on each other: TEMPLE SESSION OF SENSES opens up the tantric space and you create a good basis for a deep self-experience. A BODY ELECTRIC SESSION triggers energetic blockages and brings you and your life back in flux. In the SECRET GARDEN you experience pure, formless being, high-frequency, divine energy, consciousness, light and pure love. In the DARK EROS SESSION, you combine opposites: everything has two sides and only if you can perceive both openly, you begin to understand the underlying truth.

You can simply book a trip to the massage or decide for a tantra training and book all four trips as a whole package.


Treatments and prices


Temple Session of Senses

creative trance with temple of senses and fruity shower ritual



guided imagination, fire breath with sexually-energetic massage

Min. Heilung und Meditation

Secret Garden

guided meditation with bath – and self-love ritual



creative trance with sensory station and bathing ritual



creative trance with fruity sense and shower ritual

A fantasy trip bring you in a temple of senses and invites you to relax deeply. All the senses are activated in sequence:

Conscious sight, hearing, smell, touch and even taste you will experience much more intense than before.

A subsequent heady tantra massage combines all your impressions into a festival of the senses.

In TANTRA TRAINING we complete this journey with psychomotor exercises and so achieve an enormous improvement of your perception. Experience this ritual to awaken your senses along with other Tantra-interested men and participate in our Temple of the Senses in the AHA.


  • 60 min. tantric trip: 65 €
  • 110 min. tantric trip with massage: 130 € / as part of the tantric training: 118 €


guided imagination, fire breath with sexually-energetic massage

Before our mind’s eye is a paradise island developed from the sea. A revitalizing tantric massage to putting all joining forces to this destination. Deep, dynamic breath and stamina are required so that you can reach the floating island.

Step by step you come so close your paradise. A multi-orgasmic experience is possible.

In TANTRA TRAINING you develop your own inner images and visions that are charged and realized by these highly energetic massage.

  • 65 min. tantric trip: 75 €
  • 120 min. tantric trip with massage: € 155 / as part of the tantric training: 138 €
Min. Heilung und Meditation


guided meditation with bath- and self-love ritual

A sensual meditation from a mysterious garden, connects you deeply with your inner being. The ensuing bath goes over into a wonderful self-love ritual. Your whole body is carefully dipped in petals and delicate body oil. So you sink deeper and deeper into an erotic-meditative dream world. Three tantric keys help to intuitively merge with your inner core through an exciting journey of discovery.

A subtle TAO massage gives a lot of peace and inner peace. Just as leaf-by-leaf opens into a flower bud, so you feel your heart, as it can always expand and heal itself. In the TANTRA-TRAINING you link this journey with your life story and activate your self-healing powers.

  • 80 min. tantric trip: 95 €
  • 125 min. tantric trip with massage: 160 € / as part of the tantric training: 148 €


creative trance with sensorystation and bathing ritual

In this session, we will become your shadow side and give it wings. Secret desires,wild dreams and bizarre aspirations are suddenly reality.

You long to give you to be tied up and dominated? In conjunction with an erotic tantra massage you will learn how man can relax in the excitement.

Use this opportunity to rid yourself of false guilt. Enjoy the transformation in vitality.In TANTRA TRAINING do you dare the confrontation with existential themes. In the Total-Dark-Eros Course, you will meet other participants with whom you can share your secret fantasies and experience deepened, sexual liberation.

  • 90 min. tantric trip: 118 €
  • 150 min. tantric trip with massage: 195 € / as part of the tantric training: 188 €